Saturday, November 1, 2008

Old Projects - Dressers

"When sleeping women wake, mountains move" - Chinese Proverb

Well, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween last night. It rained on and off here in Northern California. Today it is pouring, which is nice and welcomed! Since I have been in a funk, I decided to post some old pics of painting projects I did 5 years can that be?! Where does the time go so fast?! Did I really used to do and complete projects? I have 2 dressers in the garage that are waiting to be painted and primped for the store. Let's see if I get them done before Christmas....shall we? :o)
This was a darling dresser that I painted pink, added appliques and pink glass knobs. It sold the first week it was in the store. Wish I had this one now! It would be a welcomed addition to my studio.
Another piece that has been long gone.

This is the before shot of the angel dresser shown below.

I think this one turned out darling and I really wish I had it too! I forgot I put on the sweet little cherub head on the 2nd drawer....can you see it?

There it is! :o)
Today's poem is again, from Frank B. Whitney.
Funny how it is so appropriate for this rainy day!
The sun is always shining bright
And always giving some one light;
Though clouds may hide its face from you,
'Tis always shining, this is true.
You say, "There is no sun today!"
Oh, what an untrue thing to say!
The sun will never cease to shine,
A think of faith, of joy a sign.
Now, deep within you there's a sun
That's brighter than the earthly one,
A sun that shines within your heart;
For it is God---of you a part.
So when you scowl or when you frown,
'Tis as when rain is coming down,
Or as when clouds hide sunny rays
And make men think of cloudy days.
Remember well the sun shines bright,
Always ready to give light;
So must the sun of God e'er shine
Within us bright---'tis heaven's sign.

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