Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Bewitching wishes to all you 
haunters out there!
It's Halloween!  It's Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can't
be seen on any other night.
Skeletons and ghosts and
ghouls, Grinning goblins 
fighting duels.  Werewolves
rising from their tombs, Witches
on their magic brooms.  
In masks and gown we haunt
the street and knock on doors
for trick or treat.  Tonight we
are the king and queen,
for oh tonight it's Halloween!
--- Jack Prelutsky

99 years old. 
Click on image to enlarge and read.

Our Halloween party has come 
and gone.  Only 14 people came
and I had food for 30!  Oh well,
we had so much fun putting it
together and enjoying the night,
which by the way was perfect
weather!  A full moon and the
temperature was very mild.
Mike made a fire pit down by
the lake and people went back
and forth.   Jen and Ben, our
sweet young couple, sang and
played the ukulele for us too.

  Aren't they cute?

More to come..............

If you can't get rid of the
skeleton in your closet,
you'd best teach it to dance.
--- George Bernard Shaw

Monday, October 29, 2012


Mary Brio Rose

Mary has won these 2 darling pins
from my first give-away.

But don't worry if you didn't win this 
time as I will be having another
 give-away in November.    :o)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween is coming and 30 followers!

I just happened to pop by and
see I have 30 followers!
Thank you ! 
It took over a year, but now 
it is time to draw the name of
a lucky winner for the 2
darling pins.  
 Please give me this week
to get it together as we are
 working towards transforming
our house for a Halloween party 
on the 27th and ayou can see
 I have my usual mess going
 on....and this time it is a big one!

Boxes and boxes of Halloween items.
Plus more items outside.   Life size
tombstones and a coffin that my
dear friend Marie and I made 10
years ago for our last Halloween
party.... actually her husband Steve
made the coffin.  I did have a small
 party last year, but not near as 
elaborate as our party of 2002. 
 I can't believe it was 10 year ago ! 
 I also made a mummy's tomb in
 2002, but we ran out of room in the
 trailer to bring it over to the house.  
I'll use it next year.  I told myself 
last year that I will always try to 
have a Halloween party every year 
from now on and not let 10 years
 (or really 9 years) go by again. 
  Does anyone else have
a Halloween party each year?
To see more pics of 
our 2002 haunt CLICK HERE and

My 2 favorite monsters, The Phantom
 of the Opera (silent version) and
 the Creature from the Black Lagoon
(new this year).

A couple of boxes of crows
 and scary bats!

And a mummy for luck !

Inside of us, there's a 
continual autumn. 
 Our leaves fall and
are blown out over
 the water.
--- Rumi