Friday, June 23, 2017

Hot - Hot - Hot

It's been a hot week at the cottage...miserable really.  Temps over 100 degrees, topping 105 to 108......blah!    The heat is suppose to break by Monday here in Northern California.  Hope you are comfortable in your neck of the woods.  


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Sure Remedy by Charles Fillmore

My first Cecile Brunner rose of the season.  Can you smell it's sweet fragrance?   I love them.

Are you struggling with forgiveness of others or yourself?   Here is something worth trying.

A Sure Remedy
by Charles Fillmore

Here is a mental treatment that is guaranteed to cure every ill that flesh is heir to:  Sit for half an hour every night and mentally forgive everyone against whom you have any ill will or antipathy.  If you fear or if you are prejudiced against even an animal, mentally ask forgiveness of it and send it thoughts of love.  If you have accused anyone of injustice, if you have discussed anyone unkindly, if you have criticized or gossiped about anyone, withdraw your words by asking him, in the silence, to forgive you.  If you have had a falling out with friends or relatives, if you are at law or engaged in contention with anyone, do everything in your power to end the separation.  See all things and all persons as they really are --- pure Spirit --- and send them your strongest thoughts of love.  Do not go to bed any night feeling that you have an enemy in the world .....
You can do this if you are faithful to the silent hour, because there you will be helped to overcome the selfishness of the carnal sense. 
There is an immutable law lying back of this healing method.  God is love, and love is manifest as life.  God is thus manifest in and through all His creations.  If we do aught to cut off the love of any person we are cutting off the love of God; hence, we are cutting off the life that flows through all.  When we, by withdrawal from our fellows, in any way cut the cords of love that bind us together as men and women, we at the same time sever the arteries and veins through which the universal life flows. We then find ourselves mere bundles of strained nerves, trembling and shaking with fear and weakness, and finally dying for the lack of God's love.  But omnipresent Spirit ever seeks to flow into us and to stimulate us in every faculty.  We must, however, by our words and acts acknowledge this all-powerful Presence as the moving factor in our life, because each of us has inherent free will, which welcomes or rejects all, even God not being excepted.
Self-condemnation is also a great error, leading to dire results.  If you have accused yourself of ignorance, foolishness, fear, sickness, anxiety ... ask forgiveness, for each, of the loving Father in whose image and likeness you spiritually have perfect life. 
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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I'm dreaming of a vegetable garden..........

 I'm dreaming of a huge garden
 full of vegetables just like these,
but alas, my veggies grow in pots
 on the patio for now.  
These lovely bits of earth are from Siena Farms in Massachusetts.  The photo was found HERE on this lovely blog featuring delicious looking recipes.

Today I can do anything I
 put my mind to.
--- Louise Hay

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easter Tree

I finally finished a project and it's listed in my etsy store HERE .   I'm also working on some glittery Easter eggs too. 

Affirmation - My slightest improvement is of such great value.

Monday, March 13, 2017

St. Patrick's Day cookies

I found these cookies a couple of years ago.....aren't they fabulous? 
  She isn't selling them, but you can find more on her website HERE
People are so creative!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Petey Pumpkin

Our cat, Petey Pumpkin, with a pansy on his head.  He is such a good sport.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lend a helping hand............

It's always nice to lend a helping hand.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

I have unshakable faith .....

Here is the last day from the little Unity pamphlet entitled Wherever You Are God Is.....
It has a writing for each day of the week in addition to other poems and verse.


Is there a seeming problem in your life that is causing you much concern? Have all your efforts and prayers met with little or no response? Do not be discouraged and do not be afraid, for God loves you and is taking care of everything. God is in complete charge of your life, and GOD IS GOOD. The mighty transforming power of God is surging through your entire being, stilling your mind, harmonizing your soul, healing your body, and adjusting all your circumstances. Believe this! Anchor your trust deep in the realization that with God all things are immediately possible, and never doubt it for a single moment.
Know yourself to be a spiritual being, endowed with the limitless and all-powerful attributions of God. Divine wisdom is guiding you to the perfect solution. Divine strength is enabling you to perform your tasks victoriously. Divine joy is lightening your heart with expectancy. Divine courage is firing you with persistence.

"I am with you to deliver you." --- Jeremiah 1:8

Saturday, March 4, 2017

God takes my hand......


There is a saving, healing power closer to you than your heartbeat. You are never helpless or alone. You are never entirely dependent or yourself. God, your friend, is with you, offering every good thing to you. God is ready and able to help, whatever your need may be.
Turn to God now, and say quietly, "Lord, I need Your help. I cannot handle everything alone. I have faith in Your guiding, loving presence ever with me."
Comfort will come to you if you are grieving. Strength will come to you if you are weak. Faith will fill your heart and mind if you are fearful. Love will transform your emotions and dissolve bitterness or resentment.
God takes your hand and leads you safely through difficult places. God is your comfort, your strength, your inspiration, your never-failing help.
"When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles." --- Psalms 34:17

Friday, March 3, 2017

I stand still right where I am.


God is fully present with me now. No matter what the condition in which I find myself, God is with me. I do not have to find my own way out of the entanglement before I contact God. I do not have to make myself more worthy before I reach God; but right now, right where I am, God is lovingly waiting for me to turn within in trust. I relax in the realization that God is within me and all about me, even in what may seem to be the darkest darkness. "Lo, I am with you always" (Mt. 28:20).
If some unhappy situation seems to be bearing down upon me and on all sides difficult problems crowd closer, I will not run in panic: I will simply stand still, right where I am, and relax completely --- mentally, emotionally, physically --- by reminding myself that the protecting presence of God is all about me. 
"Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou dost preserve my life...and thy right hand delivers me." --- Psalms 138:7

Thursday, March 2, 2017



Today I will not worry or fret about conditions that do not seem right or orderly to me. I will do what it is possible for me to do to make them right, and then I will let go all anxiety and trust in God to do the rest.
I will keep my faith centered in God and in the divine law of good. I will not judge by appearances, but I will always keep in mind the truth that God is in all and through all and that God's good purposes are fulfilled.
More than I know, my faith, my calm assurance of God's presence and power, will bless the condition that seems unyielding, and it will set in motion God's transforming power.
Where to human sense it seems impossible to do anything to improve a situation, with God there is always a way.
Today I will remind myself that "the Lord is at hand" (Phil.4:5), and I will go about my day's activities poised and secure in the knowledge that God's right answers are now being revealed."
"The Lord is at hand. Have no anxiety." --Philippians 4:5-6

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Blessed am I, for I am healed now.

Bless am I, for I am healed now:
Blessed are my eyes, for they behold
 the beauty of God.
Blessed are my ears, for they hear
 the harmony of God.
Blessed are my hands, for they perform
 the works of God.
Blessed is my heart, for it beats
 with the love of God.
Blessed are my lungs, for they breathe
the breath of God.
Blessed is my body, for it is alive
with the life of God.
Blessed is my mind, for it is filled
with the intelligence of God.
Blessed is my spirit, for it is quickened
with the power of God.
Blessed am I in heart, for I am
 one with God's love. 
Blessed am I in mind, for I am
 one with God's intelligence.
Blessed am I in body, for I am
 one with God's life.
Blessed am I in spirit, for I am
 one with God's power.
Blessed am I, for I am healed now.

"He who blesses himself in the land shall
 bless himself by the God of truth."
--- Isaiah 65:16

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I am guided and loved, today and everyday.


As I begin this day, I look to You, Lord.  Keep me in all my ways, safe in Your presence, enfolded in Your love.
Guide my feet in the way they should go.  Instruct me with Your "still small voice" (1 Kings 19:12).  Help me to be faithful to Your guidance.  Help me to be calm, unwavering, steadfast is the knowledge that You are in charge and nothing but good can 
come to me and mine.
Love me, Lord, just for today.  I know that You are with me today, supplying all my needs, tenderly upholding me.
Today I walk with You, and you lead me irresistibly to the good you have already prepared for me.
Whatever I need to do today, be with me, Lord.  Wherever I need to go today,
 guide my steps, Lord.
Keep me safe and secure through every moment of the day.  Fill me with Your wisdom; enfold me in Your love; strengthen me with Your power.

"The Lord bless you and keep you: The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you."  --- Numbers 6:24-25

Monday, February 20, 2017

I trust in divine guidance.

I thought I would share from a little Unity pamphlet entitled Wherever You Are God Is.....
It has a writing for each day of the week in addition to other poems and verse.
   We begin with Monday.


In every situation that confronts me, I turn within to my Father; I trust in divine guidance. 

There is a wisdom within you that is capable of guiding you through any difficulty. When you put your faith in its guidance, it will come to your rescue and illumine your darkness. "Your Father knows what you need before you ask him" (Mt. 6:8). If you trust in God, your needs will be perfectly fulfilled.
You do not have to work out your problems alone, for God in you is your sure help and strength from one moment to the next. God is not passively standing by waiting for you; God's loving presence is within you. No matter what your mistakes, God loves you. 
No matter what your plight,
 God will guide you to freedom.
If you have been racking your brain trying to arrive at some decision, quietly trust divine wisdom and give God a chance to show you what is right. If without success you have been trying to overcome some difficulty, stop trying so hard and trust in God to show you the way.
"Thou dost guide me with thy counsel." --- Psalms 73:24

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Ask thyself, daily, to
how many ill-minded
persons thou has shown
a kind disposition.
--- Marcus Antoninus

Love is patient and kind;
love does not envy or boast;
it is not arrogant or rude.
It does not insist on its own way;
it is not irritable or resentful;
it does not rejoice in wrongdoing.
Love bears all things, hopes all
things, endures all things...
so now faith, hope and love
abide, these three; but the
 greatest of these is Love.
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Be the change you wish
to see in the world.
--- Mahatma Gandhi