Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Photos

And lastly for November
a few photos from
Thanksgiving at my cousin
Cindy and her husband
Rey's home.
Chef Rey (who really
is a chef :o) checking
John Wayne facts.
The apron had an oven
mitt shaped like a gun.
Coco the dog, sweet boy
who is mostly blind and

The boys - Mike, Greg, Rey,
Tyler and my Dad, Roy.

The girls - Chelsea, Peggy, Lori
 & Cindy minus Aunt Jan & Linnea

Around the table.   Everything
was so delicious!  Rey made
a lovely brussel sprouts dish
with bacon and almonds.  He
took all the leaves off their little
heads first and then sauteed them,
 adding crispy bacon and toasted

My beautiful Goddaughter
Chelsea & I.
For man, autumn is a time
of harvest, of gathering
 together.  For nature, it
is a time of sowing, of
scattering abroad.
--- Edwin Way Teale

Monday, November 28, 2011

Colorful November Days and New Lambs too!

Before December 1st rolls around, I
 thought I would finish up with my November.   :o)
A few photos of our yard in Autumn.
I just noticed today that the purple
tree below has lost all of it's leaves.
The photos don't quite capture
 the lighting and brightness
of the trees and shrubs.
 Mid-November front porch. 
Fall pansies on the front porch.

Pistachio tree out front.
A brave little fuchsia that toughed
 out a cold snap in mid-November
and still bloomed.   But then, of
course, I cut it to bring inside!
 A little lamb off Old Lakeville Road
 between Novato and Petaluma.
We stop every year on our way
home from Mike's parents either 
after Thanksgiving and/or Christmas,
  just in time to see these
darling new-born creatures.
 We love the way they jump
and scuttle about.  I think I have
 mentioned before that when we
lived in Fortuna 15 years ago, our
 neighbors had about 12 sheep and
one year I got to hold a newborn
 lamb.  One of the greatest thrills in
 my life!   Its little head felt like
 a head of cauliflower and had a
waxy feel to it.  I'll never  forget
how it felt.   I have a hard copy
 photo somewhere.
A set of dark-headed twins,
probably born within a day of this pic.
One is sitting close to mommy's
 rump and the other is about 3 feet
to the right of mommy's head.
Click on photo for larger view.
New lambs with their mommies.
I will find new meaning
 in every joy and sorrow.
In that silence I will hear
 the voice of Spirit, and
 freed from this world I
 will see another order where
 the end is another beginning.
--- Rumi

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A few birthday presents

My birthday was a couple of
 weeks ago and I wanted to
share a few things I received...
From Mike...Gorgeous purple roses,
 a shabby "mercury" glass vase
 & a cute little bear, all delivered in a box.
The roses were hardy and
opened up perfectly.
A darling witch from my
friend her!
Also from original
 watercolor, Pumpkin Mermaid, he
found on Ebay from
Camillion Creations .
Paul and Cheryl took me out for
dinner for the 5th year in a row,
as Mike was out of town. 
Cheryl gave me this fabulous
tote/shopping bag with mermaids
and other nifty sea creatures...
I love it!
Hope everyone had a wonderful
Thanksgiving weekend.  Ours was
 fun and we got to spend time with
both sides of the family.   Mine
on Thanksgiving and Mike's folks
on Friday night....the four of us had
 dinner at Benihana's ...always good!
God gave you a gift of
 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say
"thank you"?
--- William A. Ward

Thursday, November 24, 2011


In Everything,
 Give Thanks.

1910 postcard
Click on postcard for larger view
and easier reading.
It's hard to believe it was a year
 ago we went to Disneyland for
Thanksgiving.  Here we are at
Steakhouse 55 located in the
Disneyland Hotel.
Out dinner reservation was at
 8:45 pm, the earliest we could get
 in and that was after I made
reservations 3 weeks in advance! 
  I have to say the food was just
 so-so, but the decor was lovely as
you can see.  Huge photos of classic
movie stars from the 1950's.

Around the table from left: 
my stepmom Linnea, my
brother Anthony, my husband Mike,
 my brother-in-law Herman, other side,
 my sister Amanda who is holding
Princess #3,  Princess #2
(who you can't see),
 Prince #1 and Princess #1,
me and my Dad Roy.
This year we will see my
Dad and Linnea, but no siblings
or nieces or nephew.  :o(
We'll have dinner at my cousins, so
I will see them, an Aunt and my
lovely Goddaughter and her brother
(my cousin and kinda nephew!  :o)
The next day we will see my
 wonderful in-laws and have
dinner at Benihana's...YUM!

From a postcard 100 years old 
Postmarked 1911

May all who are reading
 this have multiply blessings
 of the above menu.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween before Thanksgiving !

Oh yes, that is how it goes....
Halloween before Thanksgiving!
Oh my goodness, this month has
been crazy and a good learning
experience all the way around.
I am sorry I am showing
Halloween photos now, but
I really wanted to get these
posted before Thanksgiving.   :o)

We had our Halloween Party
on October 29, 2011.
12 lovely people joined
us and I was pleased with
the results as I haven't
had a party in 9 years.
So much more to do at
our next one though.  :o)



There was also Swamp Dip (hot spinach/artichoke dip), a cheese
 & cracker tray and chips & salsa.
Several guests contributed to
the delicious spread...oh yes
we also got some Stone Crabs
(Warlock Fingers) from Florida
sent in!   I didn't get a photo though. 
Mike had eaten at Joe's Stone Crab 
in Miami, Florida the week before
and loved them.  I barely had one,
but it was good and fun to have.


This picture changed to an eerie
 portrait when you looked at it
from a different angle.
 This bathroom needs a new sink
so a bit of blood sets the mood!

If any vampires arrived,
 we were covered....we even
had a silver bullet.


I wish I had taken some before 
photos of the food table,
but I am lucky I got what I got.

A couple more the next day

The witch was an early birthday
gift from my dear friend and usual
partner in Halloween, Marie.
She was unable to attend that
night, but next year.......
I love how the candles melted.

We are looking forward to next
year's haunting as this year's
Martha Stewart Halloween
Special had more great ideas.