Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting Pumpkins, Corn Maze and Zinnias

I really wanted to get my
pictures online as they are
taken, but here I am, late
again !   I am really working
 on that.  Anyway, I will regress
for a couple of days and show
pictures taken in October...
then onto November!

These were taken on October 7th,
when Mike and I got our pumpkins
 from a local farm...Renker Farms.
  The gentleman and his wife are well
 into their 70's and still growing all
sorts of things including these grapes.

They were like little jewels
hanging there.....beautiful.

Mike with some of the pumpkins.

 More pumpkins.....
And a few more from our local
Safeway for good measure.

They also have a corn maze that
is fun to go through.  Mike and I are
big kids when it comes to this kind
of stuff!

Corn maze sign.

 and Beware!

 I love taking pictures of
fruit and veggies.....a pretty corn cob.
 Oops, wrong way.......
 Oh, oh.....a large spider......
 .....but it's ok, a cute butterfly with a
squash body comes next.
 Yippee, we found our way out !
A gorgeous apple on the
way back to the farm stand.
   This time of year they
have a lovely garden of zinnias
and statice. 

   The zinnias were 20
cents each....really!  
 I picked about 40 of them, but
forgot to take a photo of my bouquet. 
 They were gorgeous.
The weather was beautiful that day
and I always have so much fun picking
out pumpkins....for Mike, kinda. 

Tomorrow more from our
Halloween party.  :o)

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Marie said...

There should have been a picture with you...the really big pumpkin lover!