Monday, November 28, 2011

Colorful November Days and New Lambs too!

Before December 1st rolls around, I
 thought I would finish up with my November.   :o)
A few photos of our yard in Autumn.
I just noticed today that the purple
tree below has lost all of it's leaves.
The photos don't quite capture
 the lighting and brightness
of the trees and shrubs.
 Mid-November front porch. 
Fall pansies on the front porch.

Pistachio tree out front.
A brave little fuchsia that toughed
 out a cold snap in mid-November
and still bloomed.   But then, of
course, I cut it to bring inside!
 A little lamb off Old Lakeville Road
 between Novato and Petaluma.
We stop every year on our way
home from Mike's parents either 
after Thanksgiving and/or Christmas,
  just in time to see these
darling new-born creatures.
 We love the way they jump
and scuttle about.  I think I have
 mentioned before that when we
lived in Fortuna 15 years ago, our
 neighbors had about 12 sheep and
one year I got to hold a newborn
 lamb.  One of the greatest thrills in
 my life!   Its little head felt like
 a head of cauliflower and had a
waxy feel to it.  I'll never  forget
how it felt.   I have a hard copy
 photo somewhere.
A set of dark-headed twins,
probably born within a day of this pic.
One is sitting close to mommy's
 rump and the other is about 3 feet
to the right of mommy's head.
Click on photo for larger view.
New lambs with their mommies.
I will find new meaning
 in every joy and sorrow.
In that silence I will hear
 the voice of Spirit, and
 freed from this world I
 will see another order where
 the end is another beginning.
--- Rumi

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