Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Photos

And lastly for November
a few photos from
Thanksgiving at my cousin
Cindy and her husband
Rey's home.
Chef Rey (who really
is a chef :o) checking
John Wayne facts.
The apron had an oven
mitt shaped like a gun.
Coco the dog, sweet boy
who is mostly blind and

The boys - Mike, Greg, Rey,
Tyler and my Dad, Roy.

The girls - Chelsea, Peggy, Lori
 & Cindy minus Aunt Jan & Linnea

Around the table.   Everything
was so delicious!  Rey made
a lovely brussel sprouts dish
with bacon and almonds.  He
took all the leaves off their little
heads first and then sauteed them,
 adding crispy bacon and toasted

My beautiful Goddaughter
Chelsea & I.
For man, autumn is a time
of harvest, of gathering
 together.  For nature, it
is a time of sowing, of
scattering abroad.
--- Edwin Way Teale

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