Thursday, November 24, 2011


In Everything,
 Give Thanks.

1910 postcard
Click on postcard for larger view
and easier reading.
It's hard to believe it was a year
 ago we went to Disneyland for
Thanksgiving.  Here we are at
Steakhouse 55 located in the
Disneyland Hotel.
Out dinner reservation was at
 8:45 pm, the earliest we could get
 in and that was after I made
reservations 3 weeks in advance! 
  I have to say the food was just
 so-so, but the decor was lovely as
you can see.  Huge photos of classic
movie stars from the 1950's.

Around the table from left: 
my stepmom Linnea, my
brother Anthony, my husband Mike,
 my brother-in-law Herman, other side,
 my sister Amanda who is holding
Princess #3,  Princess #2
(who you can't see),
 Prince #1 and Princess #1,
me and my Dad Roy.
This year we will see my
Dad and Linnea, but no siblings
or nieces or nephew.  :o(
We'll have dinner at my cousins, so
I will see them, an Aunt and my
lovely Goddaughter and her brother
(my cousin and kinda nephew!  :o)
The next day we will see my
 wonderful in-laws and have
dinner at Benihana's...YUM!

From a postcard 100 years old 
Postmarked 1911

May all who are reading
 this have multiply blessings
 of the above menu.


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