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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Haunt 2002

In honor of Halloween 2010, I decided to post some photos from our Halloween Party/Haunt 2002! I can't believe 8 years have passed, since sometimes it feels like yesterday!
My dear friend Marie and I had planned to do something in 2001 after Martha Stewart came out with her first Halloween magazine, but after 9/11 we just lost our oomph to do anything.
So we gathered many ideas over the next 8 months and got to work summer of 2002.
We had so much fun, but time makes things fuzzy and stressful times not as bad ! :o) We were crazy by the night of the party!
We carved many signs and headstones for our cemetery (photos later) out of foam insulation.

Marie's husband Steve, replaced our front door lights with these skulls that had red lights inside.

Our shrunken apple head tree
with ghostly books of every kind.

One of the sideboards covered with
an assortment of interesting and scary knick-knacks.

More hand painted books with an
electric-charged crystal ball sitting on top. (The kind that when you put your hands on it, the electric current follows your fingers.)

Another sideboard with crooked mirror.

The Phantom of the Opera was the first vignette of our Haunt.
We better not disturb him.

Oh, no, too late, he has seem us, so he is playing the same song over and over and over! Next stop the Mummy's tomb.
I'll post more photos over the next week. The photos were taken with a 3 1/2 inch disk camera...remember those? Some of the disks are unable to be opened, so hopefully I can get all the pictures online. Hope you all our planning frightful and delightful Halloween celebrations......enjoy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More vintage jewelry on Etsy

The winds will blow their
own freshness into you, and
the storms their energy,
while cares will drop away
from you like the leaves
of Autumn.
--- John Muir
I am finally listing more vintage jewelry on Etsy each day.
Please have a look...there may be a piece you can't resist!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


For more information on how you can be proactive in helping our "2nd best friend" go to

Be kind to all our little furry friends,
domestic and wild.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Praise God!

Live in the sunshine,
swim the sea,
drink the wild air...
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mission accomplished!

Haven't the the past 24 hours been so emotional watching the Chile miner's rescue? I watched practically the whole thing. ( I did sleep, unlike the rescuers!)

It is a testimonial to what can be done when people come together for a common goal/cause. Anything is possible! Each rescue was so individual you just had to see them all ! And when the last rescuer was pulled to the surface it really doesn't get any better than that ! I just thank the Chile government for sharing every detail with the rest of the world. God Bless Us All here on this wonderful planet Earth !
Have an inspiring day!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 16th National Feral Cat Day

Light is the task
where many share
the toil.
--- Homer
National Feral Cat Day
October 16 is National Feral Cat Day—a day for us to think about the outdoor cats in our neighborhood. We often see these cats ducking behind the supermarket or sunning in our backyards, and many of us dig into our wallets to feed them. Who are these cats, and how did they get here?
Feral cats exist in every community. These cats are the same species as domestic cats, but are not socialized to humans and can’t be adopted into homes. Instead, they live healthy and content lives in family groups called colonies.
The best and most humane way to help a feral cat is through a program called Trap-Neuter-Return, which ends the breeding cycle and helps cats and people coexist peacefully. Alley Cat Allies’ website is a great source of information on Trap-Neuter-Return and the importance of spay and neuter for all cats.
Did you notice the above cat's clipped ear?
Feral cats are ‘eartipped’—a portion of the left ear is clipped while they are under anesthesia—and then released to their original colony site. These cats have been either spayed or neutered and usually vaccinated too.