Monday, April 23, 2012


My friend Rebecca had been 
Helping Haiti
even before the devastating 
earthquake 2 years ago. In fact,
 she had returned to the States
 2 weeks before it hit!  
 Can you imagine?


She is still doing great work helping
these worthy people (even helping to
 build homes).  If you would like
to help in donating some easy to find 
items or make a quilt or even go
 through your fabric pile and share
 some of it for a very worthy cause
 then please visit
to get all the info you will need.



Teaching these teenage boys 
to "fish".   Please click HERE for
 this inspiring and touching story.
What a lovely smile!
I am sure glad there are people
like Rebecca!   It makes me
Though no one can go 
back and make a brand 
new start, anyone can start 
from now and make a
 brand new ending.
--- Author Unknown

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feels like Spring ...finally ! And my GIVEAWAY!

There are many wonderful
things that will never be
done if you do not do them.
--- Charles D. Gill

Today felt like Spring, finally!
High 70's, with a perfect
breeze.   I visited Colleen today
and I took her for a little stroll
around the nursing home.
She wore my sunglasses and
looked pretty cool for 86 years!
I'll see about getting a photo
of her next time.

My neighbor mowed the front yard
today and it smells divine!   The old
fruit trees are getting their BLOSSOMS.

I bought some lilacs this
past Sunday at Whole Foods 
and most are still blooming and
smelling heavenly!

And my favorite PANSIES
are blooming perfectly.....

..... all is well !

A few weeks back, I bought a box 
of these lights at Kmart ....the 
last one they had.   Imagine my 
excitement when I  went back
 yesterday and there were more in
 stock!   I couldn't resist getting one
 more box.   I hope they look like 
the fireflies on the Pirates of the 
Caribbean.   :o)  One of my all-time
 favorite things to see! 
  They are solar, but since we have
 had such overcast weather I haven't 
put them out yet.  It is suppose to 
stay sunny so I'll try this weekend.
And they were on sale too.

Each experience through
which we pass operates
ultimately for our good.
This is a correct attitude
to adopt and we must be 
able to see it in that light.
--- Henry S. Haskins
Easy for him to say!
And lastly, I finally hit 20 
followers and when I did, I was
going to add another piece of jewelry
for my blog giveaway from last year !
Here is the original post on what to do.
Click HERE .
This next week I will add another piece
 of jewelry as promised.  Once I get to
 30 followers, I will draw a name and
 that person will receive both pieces of 
vintage jewelry!
I just read my original post and 
I was sure hopeful it wouldn't 
have taken this long to get a 
winner !   :o)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Easter is upon us. 

100 year old Easter postcard

Blessings to all during
 this time 
of re-birth and growth.