Sunday, November 27, 2011

A few birthday presents

My birthday was a couple of
 weeks ago and I wanted to
share a few things I received...
From Mike...Gorgeous purple roses,
 a shabby "mercury" glass vase
 & a cute little bear, all delivered in a box.
The roses were hardy and
opened up perfectly.
A darling witch from my
friend her!
Also from original
 watercolor, Pumpkin Mermaid, he
found on Ebay from
Camillion Creations .
Paul and Cheryl took me out for
dinner for the 5th year in a row,
as Mike was out of town. 
Cheryl gave me this fabulous
tote/shopping bag with mermaids
and other nifty sea creatures...
I love it!
Hope everyone had a wonderful
Thanksgiving weekend.  Ours was
 fun and we got to spend time with
both sides of the family.   Mine
on Thanksgiving and Mike's folks
on Friday night....the four of us had
 dinner at Benihana's ...always good!
God gave you a gift of
 86,400 seconds today.
Have you used one to say
"thank you"?
--- William A. Ward

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