Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunny Day

The ornament of a house
is the friends who frequent it.
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson

My cable service was down the rest of yesterday and into the Seinfeld!
This morning it is up and running so I better post fast. I was surprised to hear of the Montecito fire this morning. We had lovely rain up this way last week so I don't expect any problems in Northern California, but I guess Southern California didn't have the rain we did. Prayers for the injured and people who have lost their homes....they say 100 have burned. :o(
Yesterday our weather was SUNNY and a comfortable 72 and more of the same is expected today....yippee......I have painting to do!
This afternoon I have my regular doctor's appointment so I will post our poem and be on my way.
by Frank B. Whitney
Mind of Christ, inspire me.
Light of Christ, illumine me.
Peace of Christ, harmonize me.
Joy of Christ, free me.
Love of Christ, satisfy me.
Life of Christ, vitalize me.
Power of Christ, strengthen me.
Presence of Christ, protect me.
Christ, ever abiding within me,
Express in me Thine image and likeness.
Eyes of Christ, watch over my affairs.
Face of Christ, illumine my countenance.
Shoulders of Christ, bear my burdens.
Heart of Christ, quicken my compassion.
Arms of Christ, lift me up.
Hands of Christ, bless my undertakings.
Feet of Christ, direct my steps.
Body of Christ, establish my health.
Christ, ever near and about me,
Help me to triumph and to overcome.

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