Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Flowers and Sunshine

Renoir once said to me, 'When I have arranged
a bouquet for the purpose of painting it,
I always turn to the side I did not plan.'
---Henri Matisse
These are the beautiful flowers Kathy brought to me yesterday when she came to gather walnuts. They are bright cheery Fall colors. I am finally putting away my Halloween decorations and got out my turkeys(I have about 10), if only for a few days!
I do want to send my good thoughts and prayers (and I know there are many others out there who join me) to our neighbors in Southern California. It is just such a terrible situation (to put it mildly). Not only the loss of property, probably missing and dead pets :o( and those injured (I think so far no one has been killed, thank God) but having to put up with that awful smoke! I know what we went thru earlier this summer up our way. It was just horrible! You can't breathe outside and you feel like you can't breathe inside! Hang in there ! Today's poem happens to reflect the hopefulness of Life and blue skies in our hearts.

by Frank B. Whitney

What if the days are dull and gray
And snow is on the pines!
The Son of God shines every day---
Within your heart He shines.
What care you whether snow or rain
Fall over leaf and clod?
Each day to you is one more gain,
A chance to know of God.
What if the sky is dark o'erhead---
What matters this to you?
Within your heart no skies of lead:
You have but skies of blue!
Just find the blue skies in your heart;
There shines the Son of Light!
In darkened days you have no part,
Within you no dark night.

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