Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas is coming! (no, duh!)

Then give to the world
the best you have,
And the best will
come back to you.
--- Madeline Bridges

I am starting to get the Christmas spirit! (although I have tried to keep it in my heart all through the year) Usually by mid-November it really hits me and by Thanksgiving week I really start to get excited. I have been listening to Christmas music, which I do even in the summer! (does anyone else do that?) And now that Mike is home, we can start on the outside Christmas lights. I have wanted one of the those "branch trees" with colored lights for the front porch for the past couple of seasons and actually purchased one last week. Now, to figure how to plug it in since usually the porch lights get plugged into the outside light by the door. I will place it in front of the dining room window so I can see it from the kitchen each night......also, I think I will break down and get a box of shatterproof ornaments to put on the branches. All different colors to really sparkle and glow. :o) Or, I have like a thousand glass ornaments that I should use. I'll have to really think about it. I have tried not to purchase items from China that I don't need, but have fallen way off the wagon the past few months......sigh.
I finished painting, but as I mentioned to Marie, after she said, "Enjoy sleeping in your dream bedroom!"
"Ah, my dream room. Unfortunately, it will not be that until the moldings are painted and put up.....curtains (beads for the closet are a good idea if push comes to shove.... I had planned to make those shell and crystal beaded ones for the kitchen that were in Nights in Rodanthe) Then to figure out the furniture, cuz what I have in there now is not the effect intended! And lastly, it needs either wood or tile floors cuz the green carpet clashes with the pink, blue and brown comforter.....It goes better with the yellow one. So, to be positive, at least I got it painted! Also, I am trying to figure out what to paint the moldings and doors. I thought the darker brighter blue for contrast, but then I am wondering white. I just don't want it to look too cape cod.....know what I mean. Anyway, I did get it painted today! It is very bright, but cheery.....looks better in the sunshine."
I am going to another movie today with Cheryl. Twilight. I haven't read the books, but I am intrigued by it. Last season, I actually watched "Moonlight", but it was cancelled. The 2 lead characters were adorable together and the storyline wasn't that bad. I was disappointed it was cancelled, but for me, it was probably for the best, as I am trying not to get too involved with too many shows. (did that just make sense?!)
Today's poem:
by Frank B. Whitney
I know not how it will be done,
just how my God will answer prayer,
But I have faith the He will hear,
that He will know and He will care:
As my prayer ascends to heaven,
back will come the answer sure;
If I pray for strength and wholeness,
He will send His strength and cure;
If my need be food and shelter,
He will send His prompt supply;
If I ask for His assistance,
I can best on Him rely;
Ready, He, to lead my footsteps
at the branching of the road,
Ready, too, to take my burden
when it seems to be a load.
I know not how He works or answers,
know not how or when or why,
He has given His assurance
that He's with me, ever nigh,
Giving help and love and substance
when my heart lifts up its cry:
He will answer when I call Him,
to my side in need will fly.

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