Thursday, November 20, 2008

An Unburdened Day

This is the final test of a
gentleman or woman:
his or her respect for those
who can be of no possible
service to him or her.
---William Lyon Phelps

The above picture is my beloved cat Pansy. She came to us in 1999 and was probably a year old, so she celebrated her 10th birthday in September. She has brought me so much joy and love. She lets me carry her around like a baby and yes, I will say it, sing to her silly little songs. :o)

by Frank B. Whitney

Does it matter, friend, I ask,
what other persons do?
What they think and what they say
can never injure you.
Nor their words or deeds unkind
can injure you the least,
If from unkind thoughts you're free,
from thinking fear have ceased.
Does it matter what another
says about you, friend?---
Thinking what another's thinking
never comes to end!
If you gave into his keeping
your own peace of mind,
You'd be slave and he'd be master---
to your freedom blind.
No, it matters not what others
say or think of you
If about yourself you're thinking,
always thinking true;
If you're steadfast to the vision
of the truth that lies
In your soul, men will behold it,
will good recognize.

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