Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mammogram A-OK!

Bless this home. It is warm and inviting to all who enter it, every person who lives here, who visits here, who crosses this threshold, is genuinely welcome. This home is a haven of peace and harmony, a place where people can talk and laugh and enjoy one another's company.
Bless this home. Whatever its physical properties, this home wears a "Happy Face". Its windows shine with light, its walls shelter and keep safe, its foundation is Divine Order, its
rooms are filled with the presence of God. Goodness is the
theme of this home.
Bless this home. It is filled with caring and understanding people who love and accept one another. This home is a beacon of light to all, radiating love and peace. All who dwell in this home give joyous thanks for their many blessings.

I got my official letter in the mail saying my mammogram was normal.....yippee! Not much new regarding my doctor's appointment just keep cleansing until I start the antibiotics.
Did you notice my new blog banner for Thanksgiving? Mary, from Isabella's Closet, created it. She does such nice work and so quick too! From her, ask and you shall receive it fast! THANKS MARY!!
Last night's full moon minus a day. I took this last night while driving home. It's funny how you really can't capture what you are looking at. The moon had just risen over the lake and it was large and light magnificent.
By Frank B. Whitney
The hands uplifted true in prayer
Are hands that lift another's care:
They help the fallen to arise,
These hands uplifted to the skies.
When clasped in prayer, these praying hands
Unclasp a brother's tight'ning hands,
But bind him to God's love more sure
And clasp him to His heart secure.
There's healing in the hands that pray---
For Christ a channel and a way---
They take so little, give so much,
These hands of prayer with healing touch!
There's silence in these praying hands:
They silence pain and pain's commands,
They smooth the brow, its cares erase,
Bestow of Spirit calm and grace.
Now hands, like men, know how to pray;
And somewhere hands both night and day
Are used by Christ, His laws observe,
Reach out to you to help, to serve.

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IsabellaCloset said...

Lori, Thank God that your Mammogram is normal! Yippee!
I hope you enjoy the banner. Thanks again & again for ALL your kindness.. You are such a doll!
Hugs & much love ~Mary~ :-}