Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Awaken with the Chickens

Tomorrow you have no business with. You steal if you touch tomorrow. It is God's. Every day has in it enough to keep any man/woman occupied without concerning himself/herself with the things beyond.
--- Henry Ward Beecher

I awoke today to find the neighbors' chickens outside my window. 2 roosters and 2 hens. I was surprised the roosters weren't making a racket as they usually do when they are out and about. I don't mind though, it is comforting when I see them milling around, it seems, without a care in the world knowing that they only have to seek and they will find.

These 2 photos are of a house on the main street in Mendocino. One of my favorites! It sits back behind one of the stores, but you can go along the side to get a peek. They have a little donation box to help with feral cat rescue, which is also a mission near and dear to my heart. One day I will tell the adventures of my own rescues. Please, everyone, have your pet spayed or neutered! I chose today's photos to compliment today's poem....My Garden Chapel.
My Garden Chapel
by Frank B. Whitney
My heart is like a garden
where there's springtime all the while,
Where mellow sun is shining,
where companions meet and smile,
And all in benediction
turn in thought to Christ of God.
Enshrined within my garden
is a holy chapel small
Where Christ in radiant beauty
fills the sanctuary bright
Where joy and light and beauty
shine with love from wall to wall,
Where Christ relieves from worry,
where He makes my burdens light.
And when my thought is dark
and heavy, when my burdens weigh,
And when the Christ almost forgotten
for my love does yearn,
My garden fair sends forth its call
to reach me by the way,
Its chapel bell starts ringing
and to Christ in prayer I turn.

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