Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mike is coming home today

How beautiful the leaves
grow old. How full of light
and color are their last days.
--- John Burroughs

Mike is coming home today after being gone for 3 weeks.....yippee! I would like to say I have something special planned, but with all the painting and projects I have been working on the house is quite the mess! We will be going to his folks, 3 hours south of us, this Thanksgiving. All of his siblings, 1 sister and 2 brothers will be there too, so their whole family will be together which will be nice. I think I mentioned before that I am blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. I couldn't have asked for anyone nicer or kinder than Mike's parents. :o)
Today's poem ---

by Frank B. Whitney

I love the Land of Thankfulness
where blessings overflow;
I claim it as my native home,
most charming land I know;
And if I've need of anything,
no matter what it be,
I just give thanks with confidence
and see it come to me.
I like to live in Thankfulness---
would live there all my days;
Would let its spirit stir my soul
and fill my heart with praise.
I questioned once how I had found
a place of such a kind;
Knew I'd discovered it, because
I'd thankful thoughts in mind.
Oh, come with me to Thankfulness!
We ask but this of you:
That you be always thankful, friend---
but this is all you do.
And if there's anything you need,
no longer doubt or fear;
The thing you seek's awaiting you,
it surely will appear.

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