Friday, November 21, 2008

Blue Paint

Be not afraid of growing slowly,
be afraid only of standing still.
--- Chinese proverb
Below are a couple of the before pictures of the blue patchwork bedroom. It all began in August after I saw the movie "Mamma Mia". The location and sets were just so absolutely gorgeous I just could hardly stand it! (I saw the movie 5 times!) Please let me move there right now! I am usually a pink, green and lavender kind of girl, but I was so inspired to paint our bedroom blue! The blue that was in the movie! Of course, it turned out the bedrooms in the movie were 2 different blues. One had more green in it and the other was almost periwinkle. (at least to me it looked that way) My friend and I immediately went to the paint store after we saw the movie the first time and started getting paint chips. (she was also going to paint her bedroom too) What a mistake that make a long story short (I promise) 5 quarts and 2 gallons later I still hadn't picked the blue! And to make matters almost worse, I had purchased 2 lovely comforters in September that had blues in them and I was trying to match both so I could switch them back and forth! I'll post a pic of the comforters over the weekend. And as you can see in the one photo the curtains are Martha Stewart and I am afraid to say back from 1989! I have the comforter too and I have always love it, but time for a change. I never really decorated the bedroom when we moved here 3 years ago so again, it was really time for a change. We also took off the moldings and got just plain pine wood that I planned to paint another blue (who knows what color they will turn out to be, first things first) so it will have a kinda casual beach cottage feel, although I was also thinking of going towards romantic bohemian!
Well, I better wrap this up because it is becoming too long. I had to prime the walls to cover the blues and have pretty much completed that the past couple of days.......yippee! Now, if I can get to the actual painting, which I am hoping to start this weekend, I will really feel like I am getting somewhere.....slowly, but surely. :o)

A Prayer Poem
by Frank B. Whitney
O LORD, I pray Thee when tonight
I see the last of western light, that I
may have this sweet content: "Today
has been a day well spent"; that I
may feel I've lessened pain and grief
and want and mental strain of some
lone trav'ler, as I ought, by sharing
with him strength'ning thought; that
life to him has been more bright, and
that I come to greet the night with the
assurance that my aid has made an-
other less afraid, has helped him well
with courage strong throughout the
day, though seeming long; that by my
thought and help and word some one
has found the force that stirred him
to endeavor and to gain the prize he
cherished, without pain. If but to
one my strength was lent, I'll think
today's a day well spent. Amen.

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