Monday, November 17, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees or Frogs

Always buy a good bed and
a good pair of shoes.
If you're not in one,
you're in the other.
---Gloria Hunniford
British Talk-Show Host

I finally got most of my lavender bushes trimmed yesterday. I thought I better take advantage of this "2nd chance" weather we are having and get my butt out there and just do it. I have 2 old roses to trim too, that I will hopeful get done today. While I was out trimming I could hear the frogs croaking away. It was late morning and I was surprised to hear them out. Last night I could hear them through the kitchen window while I was doing the dishes at 10 pm! They are probably wondering what the heck is going on with this weather....can't a frog get some sleep!
These pictures were taken this past summer. The bottom 2 are of the same frog, he/she changed positions. I love frogs! These are little guys, but at our other house we had some wonderful large (maybe 4") toads. They were also a treat to see and hear. They slowly disappeared and I don't remember seeing them the last summer we were in that house. :o(

Oh, I forgot, which I don't know how I could....yesterday I found a dead possum in our swamp cooler! :o( Poor little thing! Happily, the cooler was already taken down for the season and up by the garage. There was no room in the garage to put it when Mike left(we usually store it there) and I was actually out there trying to move things around a bit to make room and could smell something. I'll continue with this "lovely" story tomorrow.
Today I am going to see The Secret Life of Bees with my friend Cheryl. I finished the book this weekend and it was great! I can't wait to see how they do the movie, especially their hot pink house! Lots of popcorn is coming our way.........we basically just stuff ourselves when we go. :o)
Today's poem:
by Frank B. Whitney
Eyes of Christ, keep shining
Through these eyes of mine;
Keep my glance turned upward
To your glance divine.
Eyes of Christ, beholding
Beauty long concealed,
By your look celestial
All of good's revealed.
Eyes of Christ, enraptured
With the vision fair,
Share with me its splendor:
Goodness everywhere.
Eyes of Christ, illumined,
Wherein wisdom lies,
Let men see, reflected,
Your light in my eyes.

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