Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Possum

What do we live for
if it is not to make life
less difficult for each other.
--- George Eliot

How do you like my pic? I know, not beautiful or uplifting, but I did want to show where that poor little possum ended up that I mentioned yesterday. I don't know how long he had been there, but less than 2 weeks. Can you see him? As I said yesterday, I was working in the garage the day before trying to make space for this swamp cooler that we use in my studio during the summer. Mike had placed it in front of the garage (which sits behind the house) before he left on his trip because he could not get it into the garage because of all of my "stuff." (well, some of it is his too I tell him!) I knew something was up because there were a lot of flies around and you could smell something, although when I looked into the open area I couldn't see anything. Finally after a couple of hours I got brave and took off the 2 side panels and there he was! Yikes! Now what? Last summer I had another possum die in front of one of the sheds and a friend came over and buried it for me. Mike was gone that time too......he must know when they are going to come over and die and leaves on a business trip! No, not really, but his trips have coincided both times. :o) Anyway, I happened to get in touch with Mike who said "well, we can't use that again". (it was just 2 years old) So I called our neighbor, who came over within a couple of hours and hauled it over to his place. He raises birds so he said he would get the poor little thing out and bury it and that he would use the cooler for his chick house in the summer! I said fine, whatever he wanted to do with the whole darn thing is great with me.....just thanks so much for getting it out of here! And that's all I have to say about that!
As I also mentioned, Cheryl and I saw The Secret Life of Bees yesterday afternoon. It was a great movie and I think considering the details of the book a good film adaption. It makes me teary-eyed to think of it. :o) The cast was awesome! I think today's poem is a reflection of the movie.
by Frank B. Whitney

I feel that he succeeds the best
who makes the most of life;
Who's not discouraged or defeated,
touched by stress and strife,
Who makes the most of what he has
will find that he succeeds;
The good he has just multiplies,
supplies him all he needs.
No life can be so barren, friend,
but that there's good somewhere;
We must then find the hidden good
and give it thought and care.
There's no career, no work to do,
but has its full reward,
If we but place our own affairs
in keeping of the Lord.
If you would make the most of life,
to what you have give praise!
But you must never once complain:
Be joyful all your days.
For you can make a big success,
nor once be touched by strife,
If you succeed with what you have
and make the most of life.

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Anonymous said...

I have not seen the Bee Movie yet, but it did remind me of "Barry the Bee" movie with Jerry Seinfeld.... My husband and I loved that movie.

I try to check your blog often... but sometimes have to look at a couple days at a time.

Keep up the great work.