Saturday, November 22, 2008

More painting

Let us put our minds
together and see what
life we can make for
our children.
--- Sitting Bull

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished priming the bedroom and I am hoping to start painting the new blue today. (I have a sore throat and don't know where it is leading) Here is the before and after pics. The 2nd pic shows how green it was before, as you can see by the door. The whole house is painted this green (which I still love) except my studio is pink. One day I will share that, but it is quite the disaster right now. :o)


AFTER - PRIMED AND READY TO GO! I sure hope the blue I chose will be right after all.

CLOSE-UP OF BOTH COMFORTERS - Left is from Pottery Barn and the other from the Seventeen collection. Originally it was at JCPenney's, but they didn't have the right size so I found it online for, I still can't believe, 72.00 which included shipping! (one pillow at JCP was 29.99!) Oh yes, it was from which I had never purchased anything from them before. I got the queen comforter, bed skirt, 2 pillow shams, the 2 pillows and one curtain topper for 72.00!! That is why, when a friend showed me the comforter/quilt from Pottery Barn, I figured I could get both since I got such a great deal on the other and I hadn't really purchased anything new for the bedroom for almost 20 years! (Actually I did buy a new set for the guest room 10 years ago, but we haven't used it in this house as we don't have a guest room and it doesn't have the look I was going for in our bedroom) I still haven't found anything for the curtains......I also need something for the closet doors which had curtains too. We took off the mirrored closet doors when we moved in. I originally used large tablecloths that worked great, but I cannot find anything to match these 2 comforters! I think that is why I diddle-dallied along in getting the room painted........the effect will be lost without curtains to cover the windows and closet. But with the state of the union I am not too worried about my little ol' drapes! Something will turn up when it is suppose to.

These adorable pillows are what sold me on the first comforter...I love the pink, blue and brown color combos!
We are getting towards the end of our poems from Mightier than Circumstance.
by Frank B. Whitney
Christ is walking in my garden
in the coolness of the day;
There He comes to wait my coming,
for at early morn we pray.
There we meditate together
as He sits right at my side,
Thinking of the heav'nly splendor
as we there in peace abide.
In the coolness of the morning,
at the early break of day,
All my thoughts of care and trouble
are forgotten, pass away.
In His presence there abiding
all my thoughts to Him are raised,
Every good He sees within me,
all the good in me is praised.
Christ is walking in my garden
when I come to morning prayer;
I am sure to find Him waiting,
when to Him I there repair.
In my heart this garden's blooming;
there in secret Him I find
When but thoughts of love I'm holding,
like the thoughts of His own mind.

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