Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little bit more of Thanksgiving

Don't be cool, reserved, judicious
about expressing your love
and gratitude. Be effusive.
Give details. Waste it. Where
there is the smallest fraction,
share it.
--- John MacEnulty
I know, my photos are 2 days late, but as you know I was gone for 2 days and although I had these photos ready to post for Thanksgiving, I forgot to transfer them online to where I could access them from another computer! I still wanted to share the silliness of them.

We are heading to the store today to put up the outside Christmas lights which didn't get done last Tuesday. The weather is lovely.......partly cloudy, with more sun than clouds, and suppose to be in the high 60's today and tomorrow........perfect weather for outside decorating!
There are 3 more poems from the book "Mightier than Circumstance" and today's poem I had highlighted when I read the book the first time. I hope it is helpful.
by Frank B. Whitney
If we but seek the good in life,
Naught but the good we find.
For what we seek is seeking us,
Attracted to its kind;
And when it's evil that we see,
Forgetting Truth and Lord,
We should not feel at all surprised
If evil's our reward.
Now, if you see in some one else
That which is good and true,
You may be sure, by this same law,
There's something good in you.
If at some one you look, and think
That evil's lurking there,
You'll find that evil too exists
In your own heart somewhere.
How may you know your heart is pure
And you from evil free?
When you no longer criticize,
Nor evil in men see.
When you in others see the Christ,
No doubt will fill your mind
That you to heaven's gate have come;
For Christ in you you'll find.

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