Friday, November 7, 2008


Good thoughts are no better than good dreams if you don't follow through.
--- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, I thought things were looking up, but I had discouraging news. Yesterday I brought the last of my feral cat rescues down to the Humane Society of Sonoma County. She has been with us for over a year (actually since July of 07) and though still shy and easily frightened I thought I would take the chance and take her down. Unfortunately, when I got home last night there was a message that I would have to pick her up.(it is about an hour and 45 minute drive each way) The staff couldn't really pick her up (she doesn't like to be picked up, but when I can catch her she lets me or my husband hold her) Anyway, I have to drive down tomorrow (I have an appointment this afternoon and couldn't go today) and get her.....sigh! I will need to post fliers and really do the job of finding her a home. Any suggestions or adoptive parents out there? Here is a pic of "Angel".
I'll write more on her this weekend. The good news is a haven't heard anything negative about my mammogram! She said if I didn't hear anything by Friday that all is well and I would receive a letter too. Hopefully when I get home today there will not be a message to the contrary! I am having another procedure done today which I may share if it goes well. :o)

Today's poem:

Secret Thoughts

by Frank B. Whitney

If you were ne'er to think a thought
That you from God would hide,
You'd always think the good and true;
In heavenly peace abide.
Your mind would then be crystal clear---
No darkened thoughts there found;
The light of heaven would shine through;
In peace you would abound.
If all your secret thoughts were seen
By those who know you well,
Would you be proud of their display?
Would they in friendship dwell?
I'm sure we have no secret thoughts,
I feel that they are seen:
Upon our countenance they flash
Like pictures on a screen.
If we would think but holy thoughts,
And think the good and true,
No shame we'd feel at secret thoughts
If they should come to view.
But man has secret thoughts he'd hide
Or be misunderstood;
How fortunate, we think, man is
That God sees only good!

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