Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I go to nature to be soothed
and healed and to have my
senses put in order.
--- John Burroughs
How is everyone today? Are you cooking dinner tomorrow? As I mentioned we are going to my in-laws and we have actually ordered a turkey dinner from Whole Foods! It will be neat to see how it tastes! I am making a salad - all organic - romaine lettuce, avocado, pomegranate seeds, pears and shredded carrots, with walnuts on the side as both Mike's Dad and brother are allergic to nuts. The walnuts are from our trees from last season (I have a few left) and they are large and delicious. This year's walnuts were small in size, probably from the extended drought. Anyway, it will be nice to get away (we are staying at a hotel) and to see everyone. :o)

I was a bad girl yesterday and broke down and purchased the shatterproof ornaments for the outside tree! We went by the Home Depot for something else and there they were, 1 container left of these colors and were on sale for 12.00. The colors were just too hard to resist and will save me time from having to hunt through all the boxes of ornaments for just the right ones. (this I told my husband, but he didn't buy my statement!)
After today's poem, there are 5 remaining.
by Frank B. Whitney
I know we see the face of God
when we behold a smile!
We look upon the face of man,
see God there all the while;
We see God's love there shining through
when smiles the happy soul,
And know that to reflect God's light
should be our aim and goal.
I like to see a happy face
that's tipped with heav'nly light,
A countenance that indicates
a heart whose thoughts are right;
And back of it I see a soul
where love just overflows,
A soul revealing freely Truth
that the illumined knows.
I like to meet a happy man
whose soul is in his face,
There Love personified behold,
see more of heavenly grace;
I think that heaven's messengers
come to a world distressed
When we meet others on the way
who give us peace and rest.

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