Thursday, November 6, 2008


Please check for more tonight, but I wanted to get our poem of the day on now before I leave for the day.

Morning, Noon, and Night
by Frank B. Whitney

I like to pause at early dawn
And lift my heart in prayer
And just give thanks that I behold
God's presence everywhere.
When early morning's light appears
And east's horizon's bright
I feel down deep within my heart
The dawning of the light.
I often stop at busy noon
When in life's passing throng
For just a short but hearty prayer
And lift my soul in song.
And as I go my way again,
I feel that I'm aware
Of added courage and new strength
That come from thoughtful prayer.
I always pause when night draws near
To lift my heart in praise
That God has shown Himself to me
And glorified my days.
When sleep would claim me for its own
And stillness fills the air,
I then await the dawn and time
To rise in morning prayer.


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