Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The finest inheritance you can give to a child
is to allow it to makes its own way,
completely on its own feet.
--- Isadora Duncan
The next several days I thought I would catch up on last week's adventures, but first, the chickens were out again this morning and I actually got a few pictures of them. Of course, me in my pj's running around chasing them.(no, I don't have a picture of that, Thank God!)

Let's start with last Wednesdays mammogram. I really wanted to mention my technician. She was just the most sweetest and adorable little gal. Her name? Honalee! Does anyone know where that is from? I asked if it was Hawaiian, though she was blond-haired and blue-eyed. But guess what? She was named after the Puff the Magic Dragon song! (sing the first couple of verses now) I asked if her parents were kinda hippies and she said yes, smiling. She was born in the 70's and was teased as a child, but now she loves her name and I do too! I just can't tell you how caring and concerned she was in making me comfortable and at ease.....and you know what?.......it worked! Boy, if everyone were like her, whether it be in the medical profession or retail or any service industry (which is really what life is all about) how perfect would we all feel?! Anyway, thanks Honalee, from Ukiah Medical Center, you are a special human who knows where life is at!
Next I wanted to share my green drink with you. I have been wanting to drink one everyday and although this summer I made a couple, they just weren't working for me. I was putting too much stuff in it and it was either too thick(like a soup) too spicy or too bitter.(which I don't mind either, but it just didn't grab me for a green drink) Anyway, on Sunday I made one and it turned out delicious for me, which was probably because I included half an apple and some pear juice. This is what I used:
1/2 apple
6 oz. pear juice
1 collard green leaf
1 kale leaf
1/2 an avocado
several sprigs of flat leaf parsley
6 or 8 leaves of dandelion
juice of a lemon
Just blend it up and add a bit water if you need to thin it out. Also, please use all organic ingredients if you can. It really is the best way to go. I think Tinkerbelle agrees too!
Yesterday I made another, but this time I used less pear juice and more water. My goal is to not use as much fruit, but just a splash of fruit juice. Also, you may be concerned about using half an avocado, but from my experience if you use healthy fats (almonds and walnuts, olive oil, avocados and even a bit of coconut oil) you will not gain weight if you replace your other fats with these. Just be honest in what you eat. Tomorrow I will share my Thursday's adventure. Taking the cat to Santa Rosa, but mainly stopping at the Cafe Gratitude in Healdsburg for lunch. I know, you can't wait, right!? :o)
I do want to mention that I had a lovely birthday evening although Mike was not home. :o( Our partners took me to dinner and cocktails, so I got my Lemon Drop after all ! Most of the restaurants are closed on Monday so we ended up at one that although the food is not consistent, they do have a bar and make Lemon Drops. I had the wild mushroom raviolis with prawns and a tomato vodka sauce. The first time we went there, which was 3 years ago on my birthday, it was so delicious we thought we had found a great standard place. But since then we have been several times for lunch and dinner and the food is just not the same. I should ask if they changed chefs, but I think one of the owners does the cooking. Oh well, at least they have a bar. I know, I must sound like a drunk, but really I only have a cocktail about once a month, so you can see if you are going to have something occasionally, you want it to be the best ! :o)
Today's poem is still from the book "Mightier than Circumstance".
by Frank B. Whitney
There is a place where troubles end,
A place were worries cease,
A land where there is no more care,
A realm of joy and peace.
You'll find this place when every thought
Is turned to Christ within;
You see that all your worries cease
And that your joys begin.
You go quite deep within your heart
And there the Christ you find;
You think no more of things without;
Alone He fills your mind.
You find the land where troubles cease---
"Tis ever springtime there---
This land where worries are not found,
The place of no more care.
Here is the realm where not a care
Can for one moment live,
A place where every blessing rich
To you God's angels give,
A place where worries come to naught
And joy is e'er at hand---
Just turn to Christ within your heart
And find this sunny land.

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