Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas! I have no idea why except I have always loved big old houses and most halloween & mystery movies have a big old house in them. Secret passageways, grand staircases, huge rooms with tall tall ceilings, fabulous old fixtures, crystal chandeliers, all have always held a magical place within me. Unfortunately, we are not doing anything special tonight. No costume parties to attend or have. Maybe next year I will feel better.

Has anyone tried kiwi berries? They are a miniature version of a kiwi, but you can eat the skin. Here is what the package says:
"Kiwi Berries are a nutritional powerhouse and a healthy food source containing over 20 nutrients. Kiwi Berries contain twice the amount of Vit. E, yet only 60% of the calories of an avocado. 5 times the Vit. C of an orange; and more potassium than bananas. Kiwi Berries are high in fiber and rich in folic acid.
Ripen Kiwi Berries at room temperature. They are ready to eat when the skin turns a darker green and wrinkles, and the berries yield to gentle pressure.
Refrigerate softened fruit to store for up to two weeks, and return the fruit to room temperature before eating or using in recipes.
Their smooth skin allows you to pop Kiwi Berries into your mouth like grapes. They are perfect for snacks, a healthy addition to a lunch box, or add them to your favorite recipes."
I actually trim both ends of the berry as one end has a bit of a "crunch" to it, but they are delicious and fun to eat! I purchased mine at the local natural foods store and they are organic, grown in Oregon. I don't think I would want to eat them if they had been sprayed (just like grapes) as their skin is thin and the pesticides can easily permeate the skin.
Here is one more photo that I forgot to post yesterday. A long view of one of the beautiful vineyards in the Ukiah area.
Today's poem:
Alone With God In Sleep
by Frank B. Whitney
At eventide God hides the sun
Within His mantle black
That man may for a time withdraw
His sight from worldly things
And enter through the shades of night
Into the deeper realms of soul,
Where there is only God.
At nighttime, too, God gives man sleep
That he may rest his mind from things,
That he may give his soul a chance
To learn great truths of deep import.
Then in the blackness of the night
His lids are closed in sleep profound.
Man feels the nothingness of things
And, groping in the dark, finds God.
There in his deep, unconscious sleep,
Things are no more. God's world's enough!
His soul and Spirit long commune,
And all of soul is satisfied
If thought to God alone is given.
At dawn God gives man back his light;
Man sees the world through eyes renewed,
God stands with man at dawning time
Upon the threshold of a day;
Sends forth His son to conquer worlds, But to return to Him at night
And to his counsels well attend.
Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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