Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I missed yesterday's post as I went to the store to clean or I should say was planning to do some cleaning, but ended up spending a couple of hours out with Marie looking at the colors of Autumn! We drove along the vineyards from Redwood Valley to Ukiah taking pictures along the way. Most didn't turn out, but I will post a few more tomorrow. I think this is the Methodist Church in Ukiah. We had lunch at Mendocino Brewing Company which is certified all organic. We split the turkey wrap which has a yummy basil mayo and also, their soup of the day, carrot ginger...another yummy! Back to the car, we strolled through the farmer's market, which was setting up, enjoying the pepper trees starting to turn bright orange with their lovely dark pink pepper of my favorite trees. Do you have a favorite tree? I have only started appreciating trees the past 10 years or so. What a marvel they are! Anyway, back to the store, I still didn't feel like cleaning, but Mike (my husband) and I put out a bunch of costume jewelry he recently found. I also plan to list some on my website too. If you are in the area stop by Redwood Valley Antique Mall. Oh, what a mess my space is, but oh well. How can you spend time inside when outside the earth is calling ?! :o)

Today's poem is:
Selfless Prayer
by Frank B. Whitney
Some one prayed at break of day
When some one needed prayer.
Some one's prayer was lifted high
And lifted some one's care.
Some one stopped at early dawn
To greet with prayer the day;
Some one else with burdens bowed
Felt these had gone away.
Some one thought to pray a prayer,
Knew not another's need,
But heaven heard the prayer he prayed
And answered with full speed.
Some one stopped to know the truth ---
Christ's healing power to know;
And some one else thereby was healed
Of grim disease and woe.
Some one paused to pray a prayer ---
A selfless prayer rose high ---
And some one else shared in the prayer;
To him came his supply.
So when unselfishly we pray,
Our prayers are wafted high,
And others though unknown, in want,
Are healed and helped thereby.
Have an amazing day!

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