Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Begin the Day with Friendliness

This poem is from a little book called Mightier Than Circumstance by Frank B. Whitney . It was first published in 1935 at the height of the Depression by Unity School of Christianity.

Begin the day with friendliness
and only friends you'll find.
Yes, greet the dawn with happiness.
Keep happy thoughts in mind.
Salute the day with peaceful thoughts,
and peace will fill your heart;
Begin the day with joyful soul,
and joy will be your part.
Begin the day with friendliness;
keep friendly all day long;
Keep in your soul a friendly thought,
your heart a friendly song.
Have in your mind a word of cheer
for all who come your way,
And they will bless you too, in turn,
and wish you "Happy day!"
Begin each day with friendly thoughts
and as the day goes on,
Keep friendly, loving, good and kind,
just as you were at dawn.
The day will be a friendly one,
and then at night you'll find
That you were happy all day long
through friendly thoughts in mind.

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IsabellaCloset said...

Hi Lori, Welcome to the fun world of blogging, I'm so glad you are here. You will met some of the best Gals blogging. Hope you have lots of fun!
What a lovely poem to start my day! Thank you.
Hugs & blessings ~Mary~ :-}