Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another poem and another day!

Here is another poem from the same book as yesterday. There are 39 and I will include one each time I post. Typed exactly as shown in the book. I hope you find them as positive and comforting as I do.


Today God puts into your hands
a day that's new and bright;
Yours to enjoy howe'er you will,
it's His again tonight.
This morning in the wee, small hours
He gave to you this prize,
Intrusted you with one new day
wherein all goodness lies.

Now you must find the good it has
and bring it forth to view;
For He has put within this day
some treasures meant for you.
And when you take the good things out,
some good you must put in;
So when tonight God views your day,
He'll find no thought of sin.

Now if tonight God sees that you
have taken out the good,
And put good back right in its place---
that you have understood
Just how to treat a brand-new day;
then on tomorrow's dawn
You'll find you'll have a brighter day,
and others from then on.
I went to my 30th high school reunion this past Saturday Oct. 18th. (oh my, there goes my age, but really, I am so happy to be alive and want to enjoy every moment that Life has to offer)
I will post pictures later.
P.S. I have decided to add the comment feature though I may not be able to respond to everyone.

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