Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Autumn Pictures

This is the front of Parducci the Jack-o'-lantern wine barrels!

Grapevines up close and personal.

Trees at one of the local parks.

The below 3 photos show a road off highway 101 between Redwood Valley and Ukiah that is just spectacular! Unfortunately, the trees are past their prime, but still show a bit of glow. :o)

Somehow God Answers Prayer
by Frank B. Whitney
Sometimes when I have tried in vain and seem about to lose, to fail, there comes to me assuring peace: The Truth of God will win, prevail. Or when it seems that everything gives only trouble and more care, I turn to God, I think to pray, and find somehow God answers prayer. I need not tell Him just the way to answer when to Him I call; my faith assures me He'll not fail when in my trust I yield Him all. And when I think of only God, to Him alone in faith repair, it matters not how hard my task, I know somehow God answers prayer. Somehow, someway, God answers prayer when otherwise I'd be afraid. 'Tis then He gives me added strength; a thousand hands come to my aid. I need to think less of the lack, to know that He is everywhere, to just appropriate the good and question not His way of prayer.
Have a beautiful day!

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