Monday, October 27, 2008

Vineyards and a Haunted Theatre

Here is a picture taken yesterday the 26th driving at 60 mph! As my friend Marie and I went to a haunted "theatre" tour put on by the Ukiah Players Theatre I had her snap some pics of the vineyards as we drove by......not too bad........thanks Marie!

The tour was just ok, sorry to say. Marie and I did our own "haunt" and party back in 2002 so we consider ourselves Haunted House "Connoisseurs" and it was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself! :o) I will try and post some pics this week. We are "dying" to do another now that we have tons of props (some we made ourselves, others purchased) and each year they just keep coming out with more and more "lovely" items.
Here is today's poem.
My Part in Prayer
by Frank B. Whitney
My part is but to ask in prayer,
not wonder how or when
Will God make answer to my prayer
and send me good again.
My part is but to open wide
my heart and therein find
That God already dwells therein
and has my good in mind;
My part, to know the good I seek
is ever seeking me
And that the blessing I would have,
already I can see;
My part, to leave to God all things
with not a thought of fear;
For He will always be with me,
yea, ever be so near.
And now I come to think of this:
God's loving part in prayer?
His part is but to bless my life,
His good with me to share.
He'll not withhold one thing from me
when I in prayer can see
That 'tis my part to well rejoice.
and see Him blessing me.

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