Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thank you Mary at Isabella's Closet

First, I would like to thank Mary from Isabella's Closet for my darling halloween banner at the top of my blog. She does a wonderful job and so quick too! THANKS AGAIN MARY!

Our poem today is titled "Stop and Pray".

Stop and Pray
by Frank B. Whitney

When things about you are disturbed
and all the world's amiss,
When other persons seem to take
away your joy and bliss,
There's but one thing that you can do
if you would clear your day:
Cease thinking of disturbing things---
stop where you are and pray!

"Stop, look, and listen," warns the sign
at busy thoroughfare,
And so in life this warning's good
to free you from all care.
Stop thinking all disturbing thought
and look to Christ instead,
And listen to His guiding voice
if by Him you'd be led.

And when in life you see that you
have troubled thoughts in mind,
There's but one thing for you to do
if happiness you'd find;
Stop, look, and listen---stop and pray!
Let Christ have His own way!
You'll find your troubles come to end
if you but stop and pray.

Prayer is such a personal act and each religion seems to "teach" their own way of doing it. No matter your beliefs or religion let's just stop several times throughout the day and focus on God our creator.....pure love. Whatever that means to you. It is powerful. Can you imagine if everyone did this? I can.

"We can know that the goal of life is to open out a way whence the imprisoned splendor may escape." ---Eric Butterworth from "Celebrate Yourself!"
Let God move out from you, out into our big beautiful world.

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