Friday, October 24, 2008

Another glorious day!

Well, the weather in Northern California has been perfect the past couple of weeks. Still in the low 80's with the loveliest slant of light in the afternoon. The vineyards, pear and walnut orchards are all orange and yellow, red and gold. A few years back I wrote a poem about them, but who knows where it ended up! (for those who know me, I have a bit of messiness going on in my neck of the woods) I hope everyone is enjoying these glorious autumn days and getting ready for Halloween tricks and treats.

When Morning Comes
by Frank B. Whitney
I like to greet the morning
with a bright and cheery smile,
To waken with lightheartedness,
no memory of guile;
To stretch upon my couch full length
and feel that this old earth
Is filled with joy and all things good;
and celebrate my birth.


I like to feel that all things new
come forth at morning's light,
That all mistakes of yesterday
just disappeared last night.
And as I greet the morning dawn
a new world comes to view,
I see new opportunities,
and enter life anew.


I like to greet the dawning day.
I find the day greets me
And says: "Arise! You've things to do!
A thousand things to see!
For I will show you love and joy
and good you've never seen!"
Oh, it's a joy to greet the day
with soul awake, serene.

If this day finds you blue my friends just step outside and breathe!


Sharon Kay said...

Hi...your blog is lovely and welcome to the world of blog. Mary sent me over to visit. When you have time come and visit my little cottage.....hugs

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Welcome to blogging!