Sunday, January 4, 2009


The water went back on within 15 minutes of my last post! Yippee! It must have been a large piece of ice that was jammed. Tonight I will leave the bathroom faucet on just in case. Also, the movie, Seven Pounds was great though emotional. Let's just say it ended the way it should have. Will Smith is absolutely adorable, hunky, sexy, etc. ....... it is nice to see how he has come into his own these past couple of years.....he is quite the man ! Brad Pitt watch out ! (and I love Brad Pitt!) :o) I think we are going to do a movie marathon this week and see "Yes Man" tomorrow for something funny.
And lastly, my friend Marie is right about the mystery word on the back of one of the postcards....... "With". "With best love".

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