Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Postcards

The very society of joy redoubles
it; so that, while it lights upon
my friend it rebounds upon
myself, and the brighter his
candle burns the more easily
will it light mine.
--- Robert South
Here are the 4 postcards I wrote about the day before yesterday. Remember how Mrs. John Dunlap received 2 postcards on the same day from the same man, but he was not her husband?
Well, these are from her husband all postmarked in December 1907. 2 have messages on the back while 3 are signed on the front..."Johnnie" and the other is signed "John". So sweet!
(click on images for a larger view)

"I am thinking of you, Your loving J.A.D.

I can't make out the first word
(at first I thought it was "Much",
but I don't think so, any ideas?)
"best love, Your affectionate husband,
John A. Dunlap"
I wonder if he was in Europe at the time? Although, the stamp is American. I love to read the back of postcards and wonder about these "people" and their lives and dreams and hopes. :o)
It is really cold this morning and the well has gone off. (I guess I should have left the sink faucet on last night) I went out to see about turning it back on, but have no idea what to do except switch the little level like we do if the power goes off. But I don't want to force the little level so I guess I will have to wait for it to warm up outside. A friend is coming to pick me up for a movie (Seven Pounds) and I have no shower taken! Breathe in and out !

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