Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trampolines and Geese

To a young heart
everything is fun.
--- Charles Dickens

Just a quick post so I will keep up my daily postings. (I'll show the postcards I wrote about yesterday tomorrow) I went to my trampoline class and it was fun! We will go to next Saturday's class and I will probably purchase a trampoline for home as the class is only on Saturdays.
Also, I forgot to mention something that happened the other night. When we got home New Year's Eve, and as we were getting out of the car, we heard birds.(this was at 12:45 am) You know how quick your brain works...and for a split second we each thought it was coming from the neighbor's geese, but in a flash we knew it was coming from above! The sky was clear and the stars were many, but no moon so we couldn't see anything only hear what must have been 100's of Canadian geese! Both Mike and I were so shocked as we looked up straining to see them, but could not. They kept coming and honking and it was so magical! I can't believe I forgot to mention it!
Again, it's funny how your brain works because what made me remember was I was bringing in the garbage cans this afternoon and 3 ducks flew overhead and BANG, I remembered about the other night! :o)

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