Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Organizing, Planting and Enjoying

Happiness is when what you
think, what you say, and
what you do, are in Harmony.
--- Mahatma Gandhi

I had a nice day yesterday enjoying our warm sunny weather. I drove to our post office, parked the car and then walked downtown to do errands. It is about a 15 minute walk and the air was so warm and the sun felt so good on my back. After, I had to drive to 2 more stops and by the time I got home I had been gone 2 1/2 hours! But oh, it was so lovely! How I dream of living closer to a cute functioning town (like Mendocino) that you can walk to and do your errands, even grocery shopping. How fun would it be to pull a wagon home with all your goodies? FUN! :o) One thing I didn't do was bring my camera and take some pictures of the lake. It still amazes me that we live by this beautiful lake, but we hardly ever go to it. Isn't that the way it goes? I wonder if I lived in Mendocino would I not go to the beach? NOT !!!

Another old postcard, this one postmarked 1920.
"Be Truth your Compass,
Love your Captain and
friends sincere your
fellow-travelers on this
years voyage."
I was going though one of my boxes of cards and again, was amazed at all I have amassed. You see, I LOVE OLD PAPER (it is almost an obsession) with rich graphics and sentimental verses. I have been tucking the cards (also old photographs, magazines, maps, anything that catches my fancy) into boxes with no organization and I really need to get them into categories if I want to use them in my projects this year. Although, I do have all my pansy postcards in 2 purple binders....so I do have that going for me! (but I found over 50 pansies alone in that one box that will need to go into the binder!)

Today I plan to continue enjoying our beautiful weather and still not worry that we need rain right now. Outside, I have a little bit of trimming to do and some planting. I forgot I bought, during Christmas shopping, a pink bearded iris called "Cherub's Smile'. Today will be the perfect day to get it in the ground. I also "found" tulip bulbs my dear Sister-in-law, Terri, gave me for Christmas! I will dig holes here and there with no forethought, so I can get them into the ground and see what happens! :o)

My renewed friend from high school, Debbie, sent me a little packet of lovely cards yesterday. This card was included and I love the image! It was done by Edward Robert Hughes in 1911 and is called "Twilight Fantasies". Thanks Debbie!
And lastly, here is a picture of my immediate desk top. Is it any wonder I ever get anything done.....well that is really the issue, I don't! So anyone out there struggling to get organized....2009 is our year! :o)

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