Thursday, January 1, 2009

Continue your journey of Life

He who receives a benefit
with gratitude, repays the
first installment on his debt.
--- Seneca

Another postcard from my collection. I love the vivid pansies.

This one also opens up as a little card and states on the next page:
"If the Old Year has denied you one single thing you've wished --- May the New Year bring you what the Old Year may have missed."

I trust everyone made it through their New Year's celebrations safe and sound and feeling great !? We had a nice, mellow time and I have no remnants of the past evening. :o) Cheryl and I were surprised that neither of us felt like drinking too much as it was to be our last hurrah for quite a while. Although, we did fill up on all sorts of little appetizers that were not good for us! She had a package of little assorted bundles filled with shrimp and other ingredients, kinda like egg rolls, that were delicious with a spicy orangey dip. Another pre-package of mini crab cakes and poppers. Also, cold shrimp, spinach dip, chili-cheese dip, artichoke-cheese dip, all with assorted breads, chips and crackers. Oh and a seven layer dip too! Yikes! It was fun to eat it all and not worry about a thing! :o) There was also chocolate cake (which I didn't have until this morning!) and at midnight we did toast with a local Lake County "Lady of the Lake" pear sparkling wine which I have always wanted to try.

I truly hope that in 2009 we can all recognized that Peace, Great Health, and Prosperity--both materially and spiritually, are already ours if we just release our cares and let Love flow from us because It is already within us all.

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Marie said...

Did you pick the background to match your bedroom??? That was my first thought!