Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kind Words and a Well

Kind words can be
short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are
truly endless.
--- Mother Teresa

The above postcard has no writing on the back, but I find the "words" above the roses puzzling. They are actually not English words, but they also appear not to be decorative either. They almost look Arabic! What do you think?
Did anyone watch Barbara Walters last night with Patrick Swayze? It was so touching and nice to see. I keep thinking that there is always that first person to make it through a disease so why can't it be him? Let's all think positive, uplifting thoughts about him and know that he can be the one. (Let's also do that for any people we know, personally or through a friend, that may be sick or discouraged) I would also like to mention that an email/blog friend, Amy, from is having surgery tomorrow, Friday Jan. 9th to remove her breast implants from breast cancer and needs some positive energy sent her way. She has journaled most of her journey online (link from her blog) and is quite honest about it all. Her opinion is to be very cautious about implants and reconstructive surgery. God Bless You Amy and I know everything will be fine tomorrow. :o)
Oprah's show on Spirituality was enlightening and touching too. She had several people on(via Skype) that were hurting from different circumstances and then clips from a couple of past shows showing extraordinary people. Some being Mattie Stepanek (please check out the lovely tribute at ) and Jacqui Saburido, who was horribly burned after a drunk driver crashed into her car. Go to to read/see highlights of the show. It should put your life into perspective. Thank you God.
Another thing I wanted to mention, and should have over a month ago, is that my brother-in-law, Rick and his wife, Julie will be heading down to El Salvador in February to dig 2 wells! They need donations, but there isn't much time to get them in if anyone is interested. (end of Jan. and you can send any amount) Also, they need to be mailed as the person in charge didn't set up a Paypal account to make it easier. Here is the site: Please check it out.

And lastly, here is another cat! I forgot about the "tiger" ones. (there are also a couple of tabbies out there too.) This one may be fixed as it looks like his/her ear is clipped. That is what vets do on feral cats, clip one of their ears so you can tell if a cat is fixed or not. I never knew that until we started doing this. I have seen cats over the years with a "clipped" ear and thought they got into a fight! Amazing how much there is to learn!

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