Thursday, January 15, 2009


I spent most of the morning adjusting pictures, etc. and before I posted, I decided to put my tape in the VCR (yes, that is how I still tape television programs!) and there on the tv was breaking news of the plane crash in the Hudson River in NY! At first I thought it was in San Francisco, but then it flashed on the screen that the picture I was seeing was in NY. Anyway, I burst into tears thinking about all those poor souls and what they were going through. Here they were, out on the wings, etc. and what the hell were they thinking? ("so glad we are all alive" I am sure!)
Truly a miracle and the pilot is awesome! (of course so are the rescuers) So I decided to snap some pics of my tv and post today and will do my intended post tomorrow!
I AM HAVING A GRATEFUL DAY ! Thank you God for working miracles through people.

What a beautiful sight to see all of those people out of the plane and the plane still on top of the river...amazing!

This guy was so cute.....smiling and pumping his arms in the air! I am sure he was thinking, "I just won the lottery!" I guess they better all run out and buy some tickets.

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