Saturday, January 10, 2009

SUNSHINE and Jumping for Joy!

It is more blessed to
give than to receive.
--- Acts 20:35

from 1909 - I didn't include a close-up of the message as it appears to be written in German?
My appt. yesterday went well and one of the suggestions was to take goat's whey and milk for more minerals, etc. She has recommended them before so I figure what the heck! I will have to develop a taste for the goat's whey (like some other things I am eating though I can't remember which ones cuz now I like everything I eat! :o) as it has a different taste than one is used to.
I have my trampoline class today and have decided to purchase one too. I am excited about that. For now, I will put it in the living room with Angel the cat and can use several times throughout the day. Turn on a song and jump/dance a bit.
The weather is warming up to the mid to high 60's for the next week or so which I know sounds great if you are east of the Rockies, but we desperately need the rain out here. I will enjoy it and thank God. :o)
I also wanted to mention that dear Amy, my email friend did not have her surgery yesterday as planned. She has been so sick with the flu, but they have rescheduled the surgery for Feb. 6th....her birthday! Hang in there, Amy!

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