Saturday, December 6, 2008

Responsibility and Independence

The greatest gifts you can
give your children are the
roots of responsibility and the
wings of independence.
---Denis Waitley
My dentist appointment wasn't too bad, considering. A couple of fillings needed and some decay along the bottom of my teeth, but I think this may be do to the fact that I haven't been to the dentist in over 5 years and my current health condition. I go back next week for a cleaning and then a plan of attack for next year. (maybe extra fluoride to be worn in custom trays....another thing to do) It just feels good to get these things done.
It's another beautiful sunny mild day and my plan is to do some spray painting outside. I also need to get the Christmas lights on the inside tree. I finally started last night (we got the tree last weekend and each night this week I had planned to get started) and half way thru 1/2 of the 2nd strand of lights stopped working. I have been testing everything before hand so again, who knows! I gave up as it was 11:30 pm and, after this is posted, I will work on them again. :o)
One more thing....... My friend Marie shares her copy of Body + Soul magazine with me and in the September's issue on page 29 was an article on a young guy (26) who has started an organization called Selfcentered ( ) which teaches young people mindfulness and meditation. I haven't checked the site yet, but I thought how nice to have learned and kept (I say kept because I had been exposed to a lot of these teachings in my teens and 20's, but didn't practice consistently) and used all this information when I was younger so it would have been easier as I got older!
Hope every one's Holiday preparations are going well. It is the process that is fun. (mantra)

More of the Minute Rice ad:

~ Attend the kid's school holiday pageant
~ Vacuum dead needles under the tree
~ Buy tins for holiday gifts
~ Stock up on flour, sugar, chocolate, nuts, sprinkles
~ Order a spiral-cut ham
~ Update address book with holiday cards received last year
~ Shovel sidewalk
~ Get in snowball fight with kids
~ Make snow angels with kids
~ Catch a cold
~ Put lights and garland around front door
~ Buy stocking stuffers
~ Put giant pile of catalogs in recycling bin
~ Send invitations to volunteers for the annual brunch
~ Make a mountain of fudge
~ Buy a new candy thermometer
~ Remind Tom to pick up rock salt for the front walk
~ Brine the bird
~ Make end-of-year charitable gifts
~ Put a warm blanket on guest room bed
(I know, I am stretching for words!)

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