Saturday, December 20, 2008


Of all the gifts I have each year
(Some sparkling bright and glowing)
I think the gifts I hold most dear,
Are the ones so green and growing.
--- Anonymous
This postcard is from 1910, 98 years ago! I love reading the back of postcards. My friend's party is tonight so we will be heading down to the Bay Area. It will be great to see all my old girlfriends. :o)

BY J.E. Carpenter (mid-Victorian era)
The roses long have past their prime,
The fruits no more are seen.
So let us chime a Christmas rhyme to hail the Evergreen - the Evergreen!
Though bright may be the summer wreath,
To mourn it were but folly,
While friends delight to meet beneath the Mistletoe -
the Mistletoe and Holly!
Then circle round the ruddy blaze,
And let but mirth be seen,
We still can raise, a song of praise to hail - to hail the Evergreen!
What though we rove the woods no more,
Should we not still be gay,
When Winter hoar, has leaves in the store that never fade away?
Some love to sing the joys of spring,
With them why need we quarrel,
While jovial Christmas deigns to bring the Ivy - the Ivy and the Laurel?
Then let us all each other aid,
Where friendship's wreath is seen,
'Tis never made, of flowers that fade,
But of the Evergreen,
Tis never made of flowers that fade,
But of the Evergreen!

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