Thursday, December 11, 2008

Polar Bears and Holly

A heart that can feel for another's woe,
And share his joys with a genial glow;
With sympathies large enough to enfold
All men as brothers, is better than gold.
--- Abram Joseph Ryan

The above image is from one of the free Christmas cards that the National Wildlife Federation sends out. I have always loved polar bears and in high school I did a paper on them for my Environmental Studies class. On the back of the card it reads: "Until recently, polar bears have been one of nature's hardiest survivors. But because of global warming, scientists predict two-thirds of their global population could disappear within the next fifty years. You can make a difference for wildlife in the fight against global warming. Visit and make you voice heard today."


We had a lovely time at dinner last night although I might have overdone a bit on the cocktails. :o) Happily, I don't have any real plans today so I can go at my own pace.

This picture is from my collection of over 500 pansy postcards! I started collecting them in the mid-90's and it is amazing how many different images there are. Recently I have not been actively looking for them as I used to do since, obviously, I have quite a bit and sometimes, enough already! :o)
It is perfect for today's poem from the little Hallmark book, "Christmas Classics".
The Legend of the Holly
An ancient Christmas legend
Tells about the holy night
When Jesus blessed the holly,
Made it ever green and bright.
The night the Holy Family
Fled out of Bethlehem,
They heard the tread of soldiers
Coming close to them.
There wasn't any time at all
To find a hiding place,
For Herod's men approached them
At a swift and steady pace.
So Mary took her Little One
And with a whispered prayer
Hid Him beneath a holly bush
With gentle, loving care.
The wintered holly put forth leaves
To hide the Infant King,
And grew a guard of slender thorns
About Him in a ring.
King Herod's soldiers hurried past,
And all were unaware
The Infant whom they sought was safe
Within the holly's care.
The Christ Child blessed the holly then
So it would always be
Forever green---a sign of hope
and immortality.
So now, at Christmas, holly plays
A very special part
Because one night it gently held
The Christ Child in its heart.

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