Monday, December 1, 2008

The First of December!

There's no word in Tibetan
for "guilty." The closet thing is
'intelligent regret that decides
to do things differently.'
--- Geshe Michael Roach

Oh my, the countdown begins! It is so amazing to me to think that there is just one month left in 2008! How can that be? The weather was 72 degrees yesterday and at this moment I don't feel stressed. (but that can change in an instant, right? :o)
We got our Christmas lights up, but after I took this picture the porch lights went out! I think there is a short in the actual lights because the porch light worked (where we usually plug them into) and although I got out an extension cord to test the lights,(again) they worked for a couple of minutes and then went out again......the season has begun! So today I may have to break down (again) and buy new lights....while I'm at it, I may buy more for the porch railing too. (a girl just wants to have fun!)
Now I am thinking that if I put lights on the porch railing you may not see the porch tree as well from the street! Oh such trivial decisions! You can see the new outside Christmas tree I mentioned in an earlier post. I haven't put the ornaments on yet, but it looks so festive looking from the outside and from the inside of the house too.

This photo is of a new little life taken on Friday after Thanksgiving. On the way home from my in-laws, off Lakeville Highway between Vallejo and Petaluma, there are several places with sheep. Each year, around the holidays, there are LOTS of babies and we are always on the look out to see if they are out.....absolutely the cutest creatures in the world! We have never stopped, but saw someone else taking pictures and although we passed the spot, Mike was able to turn around fairly quickly without too much wait. (the road is usually crowded) Have you ever seen a new lamb? I got to hold one years ago when we lived in Fortuna. Our neighbors had a dozen or so sheep and one year I held a new born lamb that arrived just a day earlier. I remember her feeling almost like a head of cauliflower! The waxiness of her. Her sweet little face. If I ever find that picture (it was a hard copy since it was around 1994 or 95) I will scan and post. You could tell that this little one, pictured above, was brand new.......struggling to stand, but made it up to nurse.......just a joy! The other photos are not that great.......I have a new camera and I guess I had the setting on super macro while taking some of the long shots, but you get the picture!
Having fun being a kid! They are just the cutest things when they jump.....just for no reason, but to be alive and because they can! I guess that is reason enough.

Another baby.

On their way to the other field.

We are coming!

Here we come too.

Lots of buddies.

Everyone transferred and safe in the new field.
We are at the last poem from the book "Mightier than Circumstance". There have been 39.
by Frank B. Whitney
I have a sanctuary white,
A temple on a hill so bright,
Where from the world I may retreat
And there the Christ in stillness meet.
It matters not what may befall,
I only need to heed His call.
The sanctuary door's ajar;
The light within shines out afar.
Where'er I am, where'er I roam,
The light still calls me to my home---
The light upon my pathway falls,
He from the sanctuary calls.
The holy of all holies bright,
Its tabernacle white with light,
I find within, where love intones
Eternal praise and Christ enthrones.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that I love the Christmas backdrop. Reminds me of your bedroom and your life. Full of pink and purple and the happy vibes it leave behind.