Friday, December 5, 2008

Children's energy for all of us!

The greatest discovery of my
generation is that a human being
can alter their life by altering their
attitude of mind.
--- William James
I have a dentist appointment today after 5 years! I know, gross, but such is life sometimes. The weather is holding so a bit more outside work. Oh ya, I had my 3rd colonic yesterday and still one more before the year's end. Hopefully they are working, I do feel things are shaken up a bit! :o)
I also have several projects to share with you next week.
Mike's nephew Anthony and Jennifer with their 5 kids!
They are all so cute and sweet and Anthony and Jennifer are doing a great job with them all. They still want one more for an even 6! :o) They stopped by on Thanksgiving and it was such a treat for all of us to see them. Jennifer is holding Ava Rose and she is a ball full of energy.....she had me worn out, but I loved it!
More of the Minute Rice ad:
~ Get out the holiday music
~ Bake pies
~ Dream of snow falling
~ Hang lights
~ Buy mulling spices for the apple cider
~ Buy some oranges for kid's stockings
~ Wrap the presents
~ Build a snowman
~ Make a new holiday music mix CD
~ Finalize the guest list for open house
~ Call Mom to catch up
~ More shopping
~ Get a new day planner
~ Deck the halls
~ Take the Santa suit to the dry cleaners
~ Buy fake glowing embers for gas log
~ Buy holiday stamps at the post office (I have to interject... I still use the Breast Cancer Stamps on my holiday cards)
~ Pick out tree with kids
~ Mail kid's letters to the North Pole
~ Try not to forget to water the tree again

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