Sunday, December 7, 2008


If you suffer greatly when you
have a toothache, it's only right
that you be joyful in equal measure
with the "untoothache".
--- Dawna Markova

This will be quick as I have several projects going and would like to finish one! I woke up yesterday with a bundle of energy and many new ideas. Today the energy is not as great, but still there. :o) I did finish the Christmas tree lights (now the best part, decorating it!) and spray painted several items. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends, getting things done, but not being stressed about it.

I took this picture this morning. There were a large group of birds out, nibbling on the little seeds from some of my plants. I always go back and forth trying to decide if I should trim or not. This is why I usually don't......the birds. Anyway, there is one little one still in the birdbath. The others flew away. They are the little yellow "canaries" or that is what I call them.
We are almost done with our Minute Rice ad, today and tomorrow.
I am working on some projects that I will start sharing with you on Tuesday made out of items you have around the house or can get at the grocery store. You might want to try them before Christmas and can use them as decorations or gifts in a pinch!

~ Drive around and look at lights
~ Decorate sugar cookies with kids
~ Watch my weight (ah, that's no fun!)
~ Wrap the bushes in white lights
~ See if the dog's holiday sweater still fits (OK, this one is the dumbest!)
~ Buy outfit for annual office party (I remember doing that years ago)
~ Make hair appointment before holiday rush
~ Call store to see if new video game is in stock yet
~ Plan menu for Christmas Eve
~ Schedule photographer for family photo
~ Secure baby sitter for New Year's Eve
~ Bring up extra place settings
~ Have the kids make place cards for dinner at Grandma's
~ Buy a new dress coat for Molly
~ See if Tom's old skates will fit Jake
~ Make punch for party
~ Ring bells with scout troop
~ Leave wish list where Tom will see it
~ Sit on Santa's lap
~ Wax the toboggan

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