Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fried Artichoke Hearts here I come!

May joy come from God above
To all those who Christmas love.
--- 13th Century Carol

More "snow" (actually ice and probably heavy frost) pictures! The sun was out this morning, but it was extremely frosty so I had to rush out and get some pictures. Maybe it was a bit of snow too! :o)

Looking towards the back of our property and the leafless walnut trees.

The drops on the perennials looked like little diamonds...wish I could have captured them. This picture is a pretty pitiful attempt.
From the back looking west.

Lavender and the birdbath---
Lady Banks rose leaves---
Today we are heading to my Dad's for dinner at his favorite Italian restaurant, Vince's in Elk Grove, which is about 3 hours southeast of here. They have delicious fried artichoke hearts, which are my favorite, and they also make a decent Lemon Drop with Limoncello if you ask for it! (which I found out the last time we were there for Father's Day) :o)

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